Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Applied Industrial Technologies

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Ahmed Salih HASAN & Basim MAHMOOD


Mosul is the second-largest city in Iraq, the movements of people within the city have become more restricted by the crowded streets during rush hours. This issue has also become critical since it impacts most of the life aspects of the city (e.g., going to work, schools, etc.). Therefore, there is a need to mitigate this issue using low-cost strategies and solutions due to the current economic issues in the country. In this work, a network-based model is generated that represents the road network of both sides of the city (east and west coasts). The generated network is analysed based on its spatial and temporal features. Then, the elite intersections (crossroads) are extracted, which represent the most effective factors in the road network of the city. After that, low-cost sensor technologies are suggested and can contribute to mitigating the traffic jam issue in the city. Finally, the proposed solutions and suggestions can be generalized to any city that is close in the nature to the considered city in this study.

Keywords: Road Networks, Traffic Jams, Mosul City, Network Science.