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Instructions for Authors:

For the submission of research studies, the following regulations should be followed:

  • The content of the research should be a first time genuine and original study.
  • The first page should contain the complete research title, the researcher's name, his/her academic rank, the institution's name and the researcher's email.
  • The research article should contain English abstract with key words.
  • The research article should not exceed a number of 20 and not less than 7 Microsoft Word document, with 2 centemetres margins and single spaces lines, pages  including the bibliography, tables and charts.
  • Arabic researcharticle should be written in 13 fonts Simplified Arabic in the body of the research, 20 bold fonts (Gras) for the main title and 16 bold fonts for the subtitles. 12 fonts Times New Roman for the Latin inscript in the body of the research, and 14 fonts bold type (Majusclue) for the main title.
  • 7 APA documentation system is the recommended style in writing
  • The research projects will be submitted to a blind peer reviews.
  • The researchers will be automatically notified through emails upon the reception of their research projects. They will also be notified about all the procedures of reviewing, and they should submit the amendments if required.