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Sabah Noori HAMMOODI, Adil Hatem NAWAR, Ahmed Adnan SAED


This research topic is important to researching the using of local natural stones, as basic building material in construction works, during from studying physical properties. These results checking with standard Iraqi specification (1387)/1989. To achieve the aim of the research has been depend on: 1-The lot of quantity of these materials nearest the using locations. 2-The transportation costs are decreasing. 3-Producting possibility and give more designing methods. 4-Climate limitations of this area, refused product blocks. 5-Increase the cost of another construction materials like bricks. Models were taken for three production sites for limestone, which have large reserves, and their proximity to cities had a great impact on the selection, namely: 1- Al-Qaim region, west of Anbar. 2- Kubaisa area, west of Hit. 3- Al-Jebha area (kilo 60), southwest of Ramadi. As the results showed that the physical properties of this material, the compressive strength was (26.02, 26.6, 23.3) Mpa. for the sites (Jebha, Al-Qaim, Kubaisa), respectively, in comparison with the Iraqi Standard (1387). As the compressive strength of class (A) was determined to be (12Mpa). As for the density, it was (2305, 2120 and 1760) kg / m3 for the above sites, respectively. It is within the Iraqi standard, which specifies (1750, 2150, and 2550) kg/m3 for the three classes (A, B, and C). As for the other specifications, such as absorption, fracture and corrosion standards, they are within the limits of the Iraqi standard. The research reached the possibility of using natural stone in construction works, especially housing in hot areas due to its good nature in terms of standard physical properties.

Keywords: Stones, Physical Properties of stones, Anbar Desert.