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Mohamed RMAIDA


The Libyan Iron and Steel Company (LISCO), like other major industrial companies, has a huge metallic pipelines network. This metal pipeline network is a major part of (LISCO) infrastructure that provides the basic services, such as water and gas, to the factories and the other supportive sectors in the company. Therefore, any damage or failure in the pipeline network could cause partly or totally disruption in the production process, and consequently human, economic and environmental impacts. The network of the metal pipelines in the company experiences corrosion risks with misunderstanding of the risk assessment and detection priorities. Hence this study " Assessment and management of the risks of corrosion in metallic pipelines ", was conducted based on analytical study curried on the metallic pipelines network outside the factories of the LISCO. During this study, the design and operational information of pipeline network are collected to determine all factors affecting the corrosion, also it has been conducting field measurements relating to corrosion, to determine how to manage and assess the risks of corrosion in a good way. A corrosion risk matrix of 4Χ4 is implemented in order to manage and evaluate the corrosion risks, The matrix was applied on the pipeline network of the LISCO. The study recommended for attention to the management and assessment of the risks of corrosion by the use of corrosion risk assessment matrix duo to its simplicity and flexibility. The matrix could be used and applied on the all equipment in LISCO for the future work.

Keywords: Metallic Pipelines, The Libyan Iron And Steel Company (Lisco).