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Haifaa Abass HUSSEIN


Human activity may cause damage to the natural environment, and most people witness environmental pollution in different places, so a picture of an exposed waste place or picture of invisible black smoke are all pollutants to the environment, but what matters to our research is household waste and may be the most visible form of pollution. in the past, people throw millions of tons of solid household waste. the problem of pollution with house hold waste is one of the problems that threaten the existence and health of man . it receives intense attention these daye by most of the governments of the rich and deveioping countries of the world, as it represents a painful environmental headache and a great burden that falls on the shoulders of officials in these countries because the huge increase and great diversity in consumption is accompanied by asteady increase in the volume of waste that must be disposed of daily. Hence the idea of recycling came to ride the environment of this waste,as well as the sever shortage of the countries of the world for some basic materials such as rubber,and others which prompted them to recycle these wastes .including the possibility of benefitng from waste its energy value and in agriculture as the production of natural fertilizers and pestisides . In order to reach ahealthy and healthy environment for us and our childernthe project of managing household wasteand environmentally disposing of it and recycling household crumbs represents the ideal solution to reach sustainable development and constitutes asafe gateway to any economic development,hence the objective of the study.

Keywords: The Recycling of Household Waste, Fertilizer of Plants, Healthy Environment.