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Sameera Abbas FADHEL, Enas Ali JAMEEL


Relational database management systems (RDBMS) emerged as the solution for data storage in the past decades. All data storage systems and applications utilize a RDBMS in the heart of the system to store and retrieve the data. In the past few years a new data storage model, named Not Only Structured Query Language (NOSQL), has emerged to produce less complex data storage systems and to tackle the data's massive volume performance degradation of used systems. In this work, a comparison study is conducted between MySQL as an example of RDBMS and Monogodb as an example of NOSQL systems using threading and machine resources to show the differences for developers to select one of these models for their applications. The results show that the performance of NoSQL is less than MySQL for small datasets and few database operations, such as few thousands of records and hundreds of operations per day. However, with the introduction of threads and volumes of data, the performance of Mongodb overcomes My Structured Query Language (MySQL). In addition, the results have shown that Mongodb requires more memory usage and CPU resources than MySQL to complete their tasks. Finally, the images were saved as byte data inside both platforms. The storing process for this data inside Mongodb was faster than the MySQL platform.

Keywords: Mongodb, NoSQL, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), MySQL, CPU utilization, Threading.