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Atheer Q. MURYOUSH, Dawser H. GHAYB, Alyaa H. ALI, Israa R. SWADI


The main aim of the present paper is to study the effect of cold atmospheric plasma on rats skin smoothing. The work done by investigation to the triglycerides level in the blood. The samples of blood taken from rats exposed to plasma and a determination to vitamin D as well as calcium concentrations also exists. A calibration samples also used for comparison process. Samples of study prepared and exposed to plasma for certain periods of time. The periods of time of exposure were from ( 2 - 10 sec) step 2 sec for one week. At the end of exposure to cold plasma, a certain diagnosis for skin sampled done using textural features. The histology of images analyzed by using Energy calculations, moment of inertia, local Homogeneity and correlation. Results show that these are no significant changes during the time periods from 2 – 6 sec/day. The results changed after (8 – 10 sec/day). From vitamin D levels in serum, calcium levels, and Triglycerides in blood serum, the cold plasma make the rats skin smooth and become less dryer with good enhancement. In other words, the cold plasma has a significant effect on skin texture.

Keywords: Cold Plasma, Fats, Skin, Histology, Textural Analysis, Textural Features.