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With great pleasure, we introduce the 7th issue of MINAR Journal, featuring cutting-edge developments and research in the realm of applied sciences and technology.

We are delighted to announce the much-anticipated release of the 7th issue of MINAR journal, a dedicated platform for exploring the latest developments in applied sciences and technology. We are confident that the valuable insights presented in these articles will be equally informative and captivating for our esteemed readers.

In the realm of materials science, Asmaa Y. AL-BAITAI and Madeeha H. MAHMOOD investigate "Predicting the Role of Low and High Salt Concentration on Corrosion of Carbon Steel C45."

Moving on to nanotechnology, Neran F. Abd JABBAR, N.K. HASSAN, and Raid A. ISMAIL explore the "Enhancement in 2S3 Nanosturctures Optical and Electrical Characteristics Using Spray Pyrolysis Growth as Promising Material for Optoelectronic Applications."

Methaq Talib MATROOD and Aqeel Adil HASAN delve into the application of nanocrystals in drug delivery with their research on "Density Functional Theory Investigation for InSb Nanocrystal Diamantane Drug Carrier."

In the field of medical research, Noor T. HAMDAN presents "First Report of the Anticancer Efficiency of Agaricus Brasiliensis Mushroom on Human Embryonic Liver WRL68 and Human Pancreatic AsPC-1 Cancer Cells Therapy."

Ibtihal Hameed MOHSIN, Ibtesam Badday HASSAN, and Mohammed Abdul Daim SALEH explore the "Association Between Polymorphisms in Cytokine IL7 Gene and CMV in Renal Failure Patients in Diyala Province."

Ibrahim Hamza YASSER and Nihad Abdul-Lateef ALI study the impact of biotin supplementation on quails in "Effect of Adding Different Levels of Biotin to the Diet in Some Biochemical Characteristics of the Blood Serum of Japanese Quail Exposed to Oxidative Stress."

In the realm of analytical chemistry, Hadeel K. NASIF, Kadhim A. AADIM, and Baida M. AHMED conduct a "Comparison Study Between Spectroscopic Analysis for (Zn, Sn) Plasma by LIBS."

Remote sensing and image analysis are explored by Ban Abd. Al-RAZAK, Ebtesam F. KHANGER, and Dheyab Hussein NAYEL in "Extracting Features of Water from Remotely Sensed Image."

Thikra K. AL-KAFIJI presents research on "Fabrication and Optical Characterization of Olive Oil/Ag Thin Films Using Plasma Polymerization Technique."

Geographical research comes to the forefront with Abdelmoneim M.A. KANNA, Abd Al-Bari Younis Husen QABLAN, Ahmed Shihab Ahmed Al-HAMADANI, and Mahmoud Ismail AL-JUBOURI's study on "A Comparative Study of the Type of Groundwater for Western Mosul Regions."

Sura I. Mohammed ALI and Rafid Habib BUTI investigate "Data Mining in Healthcare Sector."

Nuclear physics enthusiasts will find interest in Israa Mudher HASSAN and Sameera Ahmed EBRAHIEM's work on "Calculations of Radii for Strontium Isotopes (78-100Sr) Using Deformation Coefficients."

Zuheer N. MAJEED, Nadia Naeema DAHAHER, and Ebtisam K. ALWAN focus on the "Influence of Annealing Temperature on the Structural and Optical Properties of Copper Iodide Thin Films."

Plant science is represented by Haifaa Abaas HUSSEIN and Saadoon Abdul-HADI's research on "The Effect of Rhizobia and Nanoparticles on the Anatomical Growth of Root Nodules of Two Bean Plant Varieties Phaseolus Vulgaris L."

Rana Abdul Sattar Al-HAMMADI and Anwar ALNAWAS explore "Impact of Electronic Laboratory Data Exchange on the Quality of Healthcare Delivery: The Human Resources Perspective."

Zahra Q. HAMI and Boshra F. Zopon AL_BAYATY focus on "Home Care Mobile Applications: Survey."

Remote sensing enthusiasts will appreciate Reem I. MUSTAFA, Gheidaa S AL-HASSANY, and Huda W ABDULWADOOD's study on "Estimation of Baghdad University Region Exact Coordinates by Using Remote Sensing Techniques & GIS."

Ahlam A. HUSSAIN, Ebtesam F. KHANGER, and Ban S. ISMAEEL delve into "Using a New Hybrid Segmentation Technique to Segment Lunar Craters and Determine Its Diameter."

Immunology and epidemiology take center stage with Hiba Riyadh AL-ABODI, Khaled Thamer AL-SHAIBANI, and Asifa M. ALMAEAHI studying "Immunological and Epidemiological Study of Hydatid Cysts Disease in Adult Patients."

Asmaa Natiq Mohammed ALI, Lamia K. ABBAS, and Ihab Abbas TAHER explore the "Structural and Electrical Properties of (CdO)1-x (V2O5)x Prepared by Pulse Laser Deposition Technique for Solar Cell Applications."

Fadhil Mahmood OLEIWI and Abothur G ALMOHANA focus on "Studying the Feasibility of Using Solar Energy and Rationalizing the Use of Electric Energy to Reduce the Shortage in Energy Supply in Iraq."

Hiba Qays Khaleel AL QAISY, Huda M. J. ALI, and Ramiz Ahmad AL-ANSARI research the "Effect of Ag Doping on the Structural and Optical Properties of CdO Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Method."

Istabrak A. Abed ABBAS and Omar A. IBRAHIM present their work on "Preparation the UV Photoconductive Detector by TPD: ZnO NPS Blend."

Tareq Z. HAMAD, Khaldoon F. BRETHEE, and Ghalib R. IBRAHIM delve into the "Frictional Effects on the Dynamic Responses of a Single-Stage Spur Gear Systems."

Ielaf O. Abdul-Majjed DAHL explores the "Recognition of Happy and Sadness Emotions Using Mutual Information and Support Vector Classification Methods."

We eagerly anticipate sharing these remarkable discoveries with the academic community and beyond. Stay tuned for the comprehensive release on our academy's website.