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We take immense pride in introducing the 12th edition of MINAR Journal, a collection of exceptional research and developments in applied sciences and technology.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 12th issue of MINAR, a journal dedicated to applied sciences and technology. In this issue, our esteemed readers will find a diverse range of informative articles that showcase cutting-edge research in various fields.

In the first article, Israa A.R. AL-DOBAISSI and Rasha K.H. AL-MASOUDI present a review on nodal anatomy for plants.

Next, Mohammad A. TAHA ALDABBAGH explores the validation of documents issuance using 2D barcode technology.

Wurood Hamza MUTTALEB and Zainab Haider ALI delve into the impact of foliar application of chelated zinc on the seasonal changes of growth and development of grape berries (Vitis vinifera L.).

Aseel Ibrahim SUHAEL investigates the knowledge of endocrine-disrupting chemicals during pregnancy and fetal development.

Manal A. MUHAMMED, Muthik A. GUDA, and Jaafar B. ALGBURI analyze the optimum location of concrete sheet piles under hydraulic structures affected by seepage water pressure using ANSYS program.

The journal also features research on various other topics, such as the effects of different doses of ivermectin on biomarker hormone of adrenal gland and histology in local female rabbits, enhancement of diesel fuel and vibrating wings subsoiler plow on the performance of an agricultural tractor, determination of the most appropriate date for planting broccoli (Brassica oleraceae L. var. italica) seeds in Nineveh Governorate, molecular identification of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary, the causal agents of potato late blight, the effect of sulfonylureas drugs on kidney and liver functions in type 2 diabetic patients, and many others.

These valuable contributions have been compiled to provide valuable insights and advancements in the field of applied sciences and technology. We hope that our readers will find this issue as informative and enlightening as we found it to be.

To access the full content of the journal, visit the official website of the Academy. Happy reading!