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We are delighted to present the 8th edition of MINAR Journal, exclusively devoted to the latest innovations and research in applied sciences and technology.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 8th issue of MINAR journal, a dedicated publication in the field of applied sciences and technology. This edition features a collection of groundbreaking research articles that we believe will prove highly informative and engaging to our esteemed readers.

In the first article, "Preparation and Characterization of CDO-NIO Nanocomposites Using Laser Pulse Deposition Approach," Khamees D. MAHMOOD, Kadhim A. AADIM, and Mohammed G. HAMMED explore the innovative use of laser pulse deposition to create nanocomposites.

Continuing with solar technology, Yaseen. H. MAHMOOD and Abeer Ibrahim ASHAWI investigate "The Performance of a Single Slope Solar Distiller When Using a Two Reflector," which offers insights into optimizing solar distillation systems.

In the realm of microbiology, Khalida J. IBRAHEEM and Mohammed S. BAQER present a comprehensive "Review of Acinetobacter Baumannii: Taxonomy, Epidemiology, Pathogenicity, and Antimicrobial Resistance."

Turning to environmental research, Thaer M. SALMAN and Ali F. HABEEB estimate "The Concentration of Uranium in the Sediments of the Southern Part of the Shatt Al-Arab River, South of Basrah Governorate Using SSNTDS(CR39) Techniques."

The field of image steganography is explored by Hayder Abdulkudhur MOHAMMED and Najlae Falah Hameed Al SAFFAR in "MSB Based Image Steganography Using McEliece Cryptosystem."

Next, Hiyam Ch. MAJED investigates "Effect of Thickness on the Structure and Optical Properties of Laser-Induced Plasma CDO Thin Films."

Advancing into mathematics, Asmaa Jaafar OUDAH and Ali Abd AUBAD undertake a "Computational Investigation of A4-Graphs for Certain Leech Lattice Groups."

In the realm of engineering, Hassan M. BAYRAM and Bilal A. MUBDIR present a "MATLAB Based HIL Framework: A Guide to Build a Hardware in the Loop DAQ Peripheral."

Furthermore, Hayim Ch. MAGID, Intesar Hato HASHIM, and Kadhim A. AADIM study the "Influence of Laser Energy on CdS Nano Particles Prepared by Laser-Induced Plasma."

In medical imaging, Rana M. HASAN and Ielaf O. Abdul MAJJED compare "Different Methods for Identifying Lesion in Pulmonary X-Ray Images."

The "Preparation and Study of the Optical and Structural Properties Nanomembrane" is presented by Kamal H. LATEEF, Haleemah J. MOHAMMED, and Abothur G. MOHAMMED.

Ahmed H. HADI, Soudad S. AHMED, and Firas S. MOHAMMED explore the "Solid Core Photonic Crystal Fiber as a Blood Serum Sensor Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance."

Next, Dawood S. ALI and Omar M. DAWOOD delve into the "Spectroscopic Study of RF Magnetron Sputtering Plasma for Deposition Ti6Al4V Thin Film."

In control engineering, Bilal A. MUBDIR returns with "Effect of Moving Average Filter with PID Controller Using HIL Technique."

Lastly, Anaam Kadhim HADI presents an innovative technique for "Detecting the Texture for Mobile Image."

This compilation of research articles showcases the impressive strides being made in applied sciences and technology and will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these fields. We invite all our readers to explore these fascinating studies in the 8th issue of MINAR journal.