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It is our privilege to introduce the 9th issue of MINAR Journal, a compendium of groundbreaking research and advancements in applied sciences and technology.

We are delighted to announce the release of the 9th issue of MINAR journal, which is devoted to applied sciences and technology. We trust that our readers will discover the published articles to be as enlightening as we did during the selection process.

In the first article, "The Impact of the Trust Factor on Employees' Performance in Iraqi Public and Private Sector Projects," Nooralhuda M. AZIZE examines how the element of trust influences the performance of employees in various sectors.

Moving on to medical research, Manal Kahlid MOHAMMAD, Afrah Abdulridha AJEEL, and Batool Abd Al Ameer BAQER present a "Clinical and Pathogenesis Overview of Myroides Spp. Infection," shedding light on this important medical issue.

In the realm of agriculture, Hanaa Khudhaier Mohammed Ali AL-HAIDARY, A.F. Abed AL-KHADER, B.A. SAADY, and B.H. JASEM evaluate the "Growth and Seed Yield of Two Cultivars of Flax," providing insights into crop productivity.

Ala F. AHMED contributes to the field of plasma physics with a study on "Langmuir Probe to Characterize the Dust Plasma of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) Produced by DC Plasma System," offering valuable data on plasma properties.

For those interested in signal processing, Alyaa M. Abdul MAJEED presents "A Novel Method for Generating Digital Image of Encrypted Speech Signal Based on FWHT and WPLCM," exploring innovative approaches to image generation from encrypted speech signals.

Urban planning and transportation are also covered in the research by Ahmed Salih HASAN and Basim MAHMOOD, who examine the "Spatiotemporal Features of Mosul City Road Network," providing valuable insights into urban mobility patterns.

This issue of MINAR journal is a testament to the wide-ranging and impactful research conducted in the field of applied sciences and technology. We invite our readers to dive into these thought-provoking articles and stay updated with the latest advancements in their respective domains.