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Sanaa M.A. Hatem ALGELAL, Karrar A. H. ARAB, Maryam H. MUSSA, Muthik A. GUDA, Sheimaa J.HADI


the utilization of gamma rays with a high energy is common in the treatment of water contaminated with organic matter. Although it is an effective method for treating water contamination with biological contaminants. The effect of these rays on soil contamination with oil has not been investigated. In light of this, the impact of radiation on soil contaminated with oil was studied the effects of these rays on the physical and chemical properties of oil in the treated soil after being exposed to gamma rays at various dosages was studied. The nuclear lab of the Physics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Kufa, Iraq processed three samples of oil-contaminated soil. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in a close setup, all samples may be radioactively irradiated concurrently at dosages of 0, 11, 30, and 70 krad. The area of experimentation in the Kufa University, Faculty of Science, Ecology Departments for 30 days. The main results have been reduction in TOC, DO, COD, in contaminate soil with oil for all radiation doses. This demonstrates the utility of radiation technology in contaminate soil with oil treatment and the possibility of using irradiation technology in the biological treatment in such kind of contaminate soil. This is an effective, new, and fast method of treatment.

Keywords: Irradiation; TU, DO, BOD5; TOC; COD.