Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 4   Area: Applied Biology

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Ahlam A. HUSSAIN & Ebtesam F. KANGER


Imaging by Ultrasound (US) is an accurate and useful modality for the assessment of gestational age (GA), estimation fetal weight, and monitoring the fetal growth during pregnancy, is a routine part of prenatal care, and that can greatly impact obstetric management. Estimation of GA is important in obstetric care, making appropriate management decisions requires accurate appraisal of GA. Accurate GA estimation may assist obstetricians in appropriately counseling women who are at risk of a preterm delivery about likely neonatal outcomes, and it is essential in the evaluation of the fetal growth and detection of intrauterine growth restriction. There are many formulas are used to estimate fetal GA in the world, but it's not specify for Iraqi population and leading to some error in GA estimation results, so the objective of this study is to innovate GA estimation model for Iraqi people. This study was performed in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Al- Yarmouk Teaching Hospital and AL- Alawiya Teaching Hospital in Baghdad, Iraq, during 2019 on 200 pregnant women of singleton and normal pregnancies, fetal GA (20-40) weeks (W). The obtained dataset (fetal biometry), were utilized to create GA estimation model in Iraq using IBM SPSS Version 23 software package (IBM^® Software). The statistical analysis of proposed GA model showed, the correlation (R) of model is 0.987 it is very high value and this is a good result to obtain the best regression model. as well as the Std error of Estimation was 0.61095 this is very small value and indicate the best result. The significant of model P=0.000 That means the model, as a whole, is a significant fit to the data (because P < 0.05).

Keywords: Ultrasound, Fetal Biometry, Estimation Gestational Age, SPSS.