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Moustafa A. AL-SHAMMARI, Sura Obayes Radhi AL-QAYYIM


Objective: This research aims to assess the knowledge, perceptions, practices, and education of ‎pediatric critical care nurses regarding oral care for critically ill children. The study addresses the ‎existing gap in evidence-based oral care in this population and emphasizes the importance of ‎understanding these factors for the development of effective oral hygiene practices in pediatric ‎critical care settings‏.‏ Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted between October 2022 and March ‎‎2023 in Babylon Governorate. Four hospitals located in Hillah City, Babylon Province, were ‎selected as the study sites. The sample included nurses working in specific critical care units ‎within these hospitals, with a total of 170 nursing personnel participating. Data collection ‎involved the distribution of questionnaires to the nurses, and statistical analysis was performed ‎using SPSS software. The study obtained the necessary administrative and ethical approvals for ‎data collection‏.‏ Results: The sample consisted of 170 intensive care unit nurses, selected through stratified ‎sampling based on gender (105 female and 65 male). Recruitment for the study commenced in ‎February 2023. The mean score for oral health knowledge was moderate (2.14), However, the oral ‎care practice score was good (2.02). No significant differences were observed in comprehensive ‎mouth care scores based on age and educational qualification. Nevertheless, a significant ‎difference was found in the mean score for complete oral care between male and female nurses ‎‎(18.37 vs. 17.85, p = 0.021). Moreover, knowledge and practice scores varied significantly based ‎on years of experience‏.‏ Conclusions: This study provides valuable insights into the knowledge, perceptions, and ‎practices of intensive care unit nurses regarding oral care. Implementation of standardized oral ‎care protocols, along with adequate resources and support, can contribute to enhancing ‎comprehensive mouth care in intensive care units‎.‎

Keywords: Comprehensive Oral Care, Critically Ill Children, Intensive Care Unit, Icu Nurses, Knowledge, ‎Perception, Practice