Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Food Science and Technology

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Sulaf Hamid TAIMOOZE, Haifaa Abass HUSSEIN


This study aimed to note the effect of the extract pulp pomegranates (Tallow White) on fungi isolated from the intestines of children of ages (less than one year,1-4,5-8,9-12) males and females were selected four concentrations of the aqueous extract warm (100,75,50,25 %) for the purpose of knowing inhibitory concentration of concentrations between these four, as the focus is at least 100% in Altbit of these fungi, because this concentration had no effect on the morale of those fungi significantly unless it is added the percentage of water sterile distilled water because distilled works to break the ties between the active materials and thus whenever the percentage of added water to the concentrations of the remaining increase smashing ties between active substances and therefore be effective for the inhibition diameters were colonies of fungi in focus 100% A.fumigatus, A.niger, A. parasiticus, A.ochracis, A.candidus, Candida albicans, C.parapsilosis, C.stellatoides, Fusarium oxysporium, F.solani, Penicillium sp., Rhizopuus stolanifer, Geotrichum candidum (1,14,1,1,2,0,4,2,13, 4,12,15,10) mm respectively fungicide concentration above 75% located in either the results were (0.2, 3.0 5, 0.1, 0, 1.0, 1, 2) mm, respectively, either in focus were the results of 50% inhibition (2.6, 10, 0.7, 0, 0.0, 1, 2.1, 8) mm, respectively, either in the case of the use of concentration results were 25% (8, 12, 10.0, 13.0 ; 5, 0.2, 2, 1.8) mm, respectively. It also examined the percentages of male and female patients during the months study six selected for the study (26.13, 15.60, 15.07, 8.04, 6.03, 29.14 %) either when studying the relationship of the age group for males and females with injury races sick were percentages (44.55, 19.20, 14.61, 5.93, 1.82, 16.90 %).

Keywords: The Inhibitory Effect; Pomegranate Pulp, A.candidus.