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Ashwaq Medhloom JUDDAH, Akeel Ramadan MEHDI


In this work we are aiming to explain the notion of SJ-flat Modules. SJ-injectivity notion had been proposed and examined within R-module right M characterised as SJ-N-injective – as N stands for R-module right– while R-homomorphism out of a right submodule for SJ(N)=soc(N) (J(N)J(R)) within M in an extend till N. Examples showing how SJ-injectivity differs from previous injectivity ideas like nonobjectivity and soc-injectivity are offered to show how this new injectivity condition is linked to existing injectivity notions. Highlighted are a few characteristics of the new injectivity class.

Keywords: SJ-Injective Module; SJ-flat module; -Injective Right -Modules.