Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 2   Area: Mechanical Engineering

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Istabrak A.Abed ABBAS & Omar A. IBRAHIM


Physical properties includes Hall measurement , UV NPs, (I –V Measurements) and (Electro - optic properties IPCE) of ZnO NPs:TPD :PMMA Photo detectors deposited on P Si by two methods ( phase segregation method and drop casting method) and compression with properties of the Presence of polymers (PMMA TPD) were distinguished using I-V Measurement by figures of merit .IPCE measures the absorption of the prepared photo detector in different wavelengths. This can be done according to the photon absorption of the monochromatic light of the incident radiation with a wavelength of 570 nm and 530 nm for the deposited film by phase segregation method and by drop casting method at current efficacy 0.09% and 0.56% respectively and for only polymers is 0.19% . In I-V characterization the photoconductive gain has improved by the method of deposition of device by drop casting method, then ZnO NPs embedded in TPD:PMMA polymer highly improved the photoconductive gain from 34 to 77 by phase segregation method and to 88 by drop casting method , The responsivity was increased from to 3.6*10-6 A/W for films prepared by phase segregation method to 8.4*10-6 A/W for films prepared by drop casting method and response time from 8.2*10-6 μs. to 8.8*10-7 μs respectively.

Keywords: Zno Nps:TPD :PMMA, Photo Detectors, Phase Segregation Method , Drop Casting Method, I - V Measurements, Electro - Optic Properties (IPCE).