Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 2   Area: Applied Industrial Technologies

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Zahra Q. HAMI & Boshra F. Zopon AL_BAYATY


Recently, with Coronavirus, mobile applications are becoming more important especially these days because all people stay at home and they couldn't visit the hospital, and the clinic outside becomes a danger. So the use of mobile phone technologies is becoming more and more beneficial for patient care. Mobile technology has the potential to affect health care. The increasing number of people suffering from chronic diseases is putting pressure on the healthcare sector. Population aging is now a major health care concern in many countries of the world. Elderly patients need more healthcare efforts that imply higher healthcare costs, because of that a set of applications have been developed that help care for patients from their homes. In this paper, many mobile healthcare applications are discussedin order to be identified and used to build a new system that helps care for patients from home.

Keywords: Information Technology, Human Resources, Healthcare, Electronic Data Exchange.