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Nazar A. HUSSEIN, Thuraya M. IBRAHIM


In this work a complex of Schiff base of tetra-diiminobenzene-P-amino ‎benzene-phthalocyaninato with tetra diimino-benzene as peripheral groups. The ‎compounds were synthesized with different central metal ions(Al, Fe, Cu and Zn) ‎were synthesized, identified by elemental analysis and spectroscopically, their dc ‎electrical conductivity of their thin films were measured with and without iodine ‎doping. The dc electrical conductivity of iodine doped thin films of the ‎compounds were compared with iodine un-doped thin films of the compounds. The study shows that the measured dc electrical conductivity of the doped ‎Schiff base has higher dc conductivity than un-doped. It shows that the ‎conductivity of the bridged phthalocyanines of aluminum Schiff base has higher ‎dc conductivity than the others, while planar phthalocyanines of zinc Schiff bases ‎has lower dc conductivity. The study, also, shows that the peripheral groups on the ‎phthalocyanine rings as the Schiff base have clear influence on the dc conductivity ‎of all compounds. The stacking and the bridging of the phthalocyanine rings has ‎also effect on the dc electrical conductivity. The bridged compounds have higher ‎conductivity than unbridged compounds‎.

Keywords: Cyanobacteria, Fatty Acids, Biodiesel Du, Gc, Biodiesel Cn.