Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Applied Biology

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Manal Kahlid MOHAMMAD, Afrah Abdulridha AJEEL & Batool Abd Al Ameer BAQER


The genus Myroides classified as Flavobacterium odoratum comprises non- motile ,aerobic, yellow –pigmented .They are non hemolytic on blood agar while it show a good growth on MacConkey and nutrient agar with salt tolerant up to 5% of NaCl also non fermented gram-negative rods .Members of the genus are cause many infectious disease in severely immunocompromised patient includes endocarditics urinary tract infection ,cuteneous infection ,and ventriculitis that behave as low grade opportunistic pathogens and widely distributed in the environment specially in water. Myroides spp. should be attribute among pathogens in hospitalized ,catheterized patients with wide resistant to antibiotic specially Minocycline is useful treating UTI caused by the genus . 16S ribosomal RNA(rRNA) sequencing can identified accurately the species level .In this reviews which description of dangerous infection duo to by Myroides in an immunocompromise host ,moreover reviewed the antibiotic resistance and pathogenesis. Many species of the genus Myroides were primarily taking from intestine of human. The genus Myroides includes five species : M. odoratus. , M. pelagicus, M. profundi , M. odoratimimus and M. marinus , by susceptibility to desferrioxamine . M. profundi has produced a protease Myroilysin ,with characterized as playing a role in hydrolysis of collagen through collagenase production and elastinolytic activity displaying by metalloprotease and playing important role with collagenase for hydrolysis of collagen that proven virulence of genus.

Keywords: Aerobic, Immunocompromise Host ,Flavobacterium Odoratum, Endocarditics,Pathogen.